Alaska is now a hot place for film and media production!

There are dozens of media productions going on in Alaska, at any given moment, year-round.

The reasons for this:

    The Alaskan landscape, its extremes of weather and terrain

    The Alaskan mystique; it people

    The Alaskan Government’s incentive program that provides film companies with tax advantages when they select Alaska for their reality, dramatic, commercial and documentary production.

All this leads to the need for more trained professionals who know Alaska well and know the media production process.  That’s where the Alaska New Media Training Center comes in. We have been tasked with the job of training Alaskans to work professionally in all types of media production, from technical support to production designers, camera and lighting crews, actors and extras, location scouts, recording technicians, project managers, photographers, editors and producers.

This website lists and describes dozens of one and two day courses as well as week-long workshops covering all areas of media production. Each course is taught by an experienced, working professional who will not only help you acquire the technical skills and methodology, but will help you understand the industry and its requirements.

The October 2013 schedule offers a dozen courses. More courses will be available in the spring and during the summer of 2014.

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