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An education, training and career advancement center for the Alaskan media community.

The Alaska New Media Training Center, in conjunction with Alaska Crew Training, a 501-c3 non-profit educational company, is developing an extensive training program for media artists, technicians, craftspeople and content creators. Dozens of one-day courses, weekend and week-long workshops and online classes have been designed to prepare Alaskans and others for jobs and career opportunities in the “Creative Economy.” These courses are available in specific careers areas in film and video production, directing, writing, acting, producing and photography, along with the technical support roles in the growing media industry in Alaska.

Our Mission

The Alaska New Media Training Center is a career center for the world’s storytellers: writers, filmmakers, designers, photographers, actors, journalists, media artists and technicians . . . . where ideas and stories come alive through the magic of digital technology.  We are much more than a technical school; we are a creative center where storytelling in all of its forms is the core of our mission.

    Our mission is to provide a life-enhancing learning experience, to:

1. Help you reach your creative and artistic potential

2.  Help you reach your professional goals

  1. 3.Help you to acquire the technical skills and command of methodology

  1. 4. Help you build your resume, portfolio / reel, and career pathway

Alaska Film Production Incentive Program

In 2007, the founders of Alaska New Media, Bob Crockett and Deborah Schildt, along with other Alaska industry representatives, formulated a plan to develop an economic incentive program for the Alaskan film industry. In 2008, Governor Palin signed into law the first Economic Incentive for the Alaska film industry. To date, the incentive program has attracted productions such as Big Miracle, The Frozen Ground, Wildlike, Man of Being,  Mining for Ruby, Playkids, Beyond as well as a number of commercial productions and TV reality shows. Film projects create jobs, stimulate existing businesses and create new business opportunities, fostering a positive business climate for infrastructure investment, job creation, and increased tourism.

Alaskan Career Advancement Grants

Along with the Film Production Incentive initiative, the Legislature also funded a grant program to develop an Alaskan-based work force to support local and incoming productions. For information on this tuition grant program click here.

Alaska Crew Training (ACT)

The (new) Alaska New Media Training Center

In 2009, Bob Crockett and Deborah Schildt formed a non-profit 501-c3, Alaska Crew Training, Inc. (http://www.alaskacrewtraining.org/) with the mission to train Alaskans to meet the demand of new productions looking for crew. Alaska New Media Training Center is an expansion of this original idea.  While the program outlined here has been designed with Alaskan residents in mind, the workshops and courses are also open to non-Alaskans from around the world.

Who Attends

Our programs include courses for working professional who want to advance their careers to the next level; amateurs and students who want to enter the job market or launch a career, professionals in non-related fields who want to change careers and enter the  “creative economy. “ While these programs are conducted with Alaskan residents in mind, they are open to non-Alaskans as well.

Portfolio reviews

Some of our workshops require a portfolio review for admission. You can send in a sample of your work on a CD or DVD, or send us a link to a web site or online portfolio.

Professional Faculty

Our faculty includes many of the world’s leading visual artists, photographers, editors, actors, writers and  filmmakers--each a knowledgeable mentor and nurturing teacher.


Alaska New Media is based at Alaska Film Studios, home of Piksik, LLC, a full service film production company in Anchorage. Here we have a sound stage, editing suites, production equipment, production offices, classrooms and a screening room. Nearby are hotels, restaurants and pubs for that all important “after wrap”socializing with fellow technicians and creatives Some workshops are held on locations throughout Alaska, where appropriate and feasible.

    Our equipment is the latest in digital technology: camera equipment, support systems, lights and related gear, all provided by local sources and the manufacturers.

Mentors, Coaches and Counseling

Besides our workshops and courses, Alaska New Media conducts portfolio weekends and career retreats, organizes speaking engagements, lectures and provides personal coaching and mentoring for creative professionals and those looking to change careers. If you want to establish a mentor apprenticeship with one of our faculty members, contact us.

Questions? We Have Answers

If you have questions not answered within this website, or want to talk with someone about a specific destination, or your career in general,, send us an email with your question: Info@AlaskaNewMedia.org

Suggestions and Comment

We are always open to your comments about this web site and the programs we offer. We welcome your suggestions for new destinations and course content, as well as workshop leaders we might include in future programs.


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